Safe Travel Pointers During Pregnancy

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Vacation travel tips for women who are expecting were issued by a travel agency in light of a November 29 delivery of a baby boy aboard a New York to Orlando flight.

The holidays are closing in fast which is why many residents have mixed emotions on whether their travel plans should be changed or not. Consulting a healthcare provider regarding travel plans is never a bad thing especially for someone who is pregnant. Take these precautions when going on a trip.

The second trimester is the ideal time to travel when pregnant as it is when their delicate situation is most comfortable and secure. These are the months when energy is up and morning sickness episodes have abated. It is also unlikely for women traveling during these months to come across problems that have to do with their pregnancy. Lengthy travel plans may be better off postponed if only on the first pregnancy trimester to avoid miscarriage but the last trimester is also critical since premature delivery may occur.

Someone who has miscarried in the past or delivered prematurely or is currently having twins better shelve all travel plans until she gives birth. Vaginal bleeding along with hypertension are other complications that may result if travel plans are not postponed. If a pregnant woman is planning an extended trip, she should ask her health care provider for referrals to medical professionals in the area she is visiting, just in case a problem does arise.

The safety of most moms taking a plane someplace is not put at considerable risk. The last month of the trimester is crucial and traveling pregnant women must return home before it starts. Domestic and international airlines are able to avoid having to deliver babies on board the flight by imposing pregnant passenger cutoff points which are 36 and 35 weeks respectively.

A cabin pressure that is equivalent to between 5000 and 8000 feet above sea level is maintained by most commercial planes when flying over high altitudes. Blood oxygen goes down somewhat with a reduction in air pressure but pregnant women in tiptop shape have little problems dealing with it. But those with a slight anemia can become momentarily sleepy or have diminished coordination.

The breathing and heart rate of healthy pregnant women can also display minor changes in certain cases. It is dangerous for pregnant women who have sickle cell anemia or are severely anemic to be confined to spaces where cabin pressure dips. It is a must that spare oxygen be present on the trip for use by these women.

A number of precautions can be taken by expectant mommies to make their flight more comfortable. Do not sit in tight positions for prolonged periods to avoid blood clots and swollen legs. It would help to have an aisle seat so walking around for a few minutes each hour whenever airline staff say it is okay is easily done.

Steer clear of food that irritate the stomach and intestines prior to the flight. It can get pretty uncomfortable when intestinal gas expands during the flight especially for someone pregnant. Pregnant women should load up on fruit juices and water to avoid losing water because of the lowered plane humidity. Consult with a doctor regarding how safe vaccinations are when it comes to having them for travels outside the country.

Women who are pregnant can also choose to drive a car instead of flying. The hours sitting behind the wheel however can mean an aching back along with ankles and feet that have become swollen. Pull over and walk around for a bit every 60 or so minutes to prevent such problems from happening. Seatbelts should be fastened whenever in the car especially for someone pregnant.

The leading cause of mortality among pregnant women is the car accident with only a few stemming from a pregnancy complication. Lap belt and shoulder harness need to be positioned properly for optimal mother and baby protection below the abdomen and above the uterus respectively. Holiday travels will not pose a problem given the above tips for pregnant travelers to make them truly unforgettable.

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