Car Insurance For Women Can Help You Get The Best Deals

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Women are no better at driving than men, though there’s no doubt that car insurance for women can work out more lucrative than general deals. Why? Because statistics seem to show that women are involved in fewer claims than men, which generally cost less. Women also tend to have a lower overall mileage, which knocks down insurance prices. The bottom line is that the car insurance companies are less likely to have to pay out for expensive claims made by female drivers, and as such can afford to offer lower premiums.

Considerations When Choosing Cheap Car Insurance for Women

Like any car insurance deal, policies aimed specifically at women will have major differences. For example, some may be fully comprehensive, whereas others may offer third party only, or third party with theft and fire. Choosing more comprehensive policies will increase your overall premium, though you may find that female friendly policies are only included by some insurers at the comprehensive level – it all depends on which insurer you choose.

Women’s car insurance is also seeing a growing trend for certain add-ons. For example, many insurers now offer coverage for items such as purses (and their contents), should they be stolen from the vehicle.

It’s also important to remember that simply being female doesn’t guarantee any low prices or extras. Your history and circumstances will always be taken into account, as with any standard car insurance policy. And, like all insurance policies, younger women (just like younger men) may find it more difficult to get cheap car insurance for women due to a lack of experience.

Can Women’s Car Insurance Deals Help Men, Too?

It may seem contradictory to even suggest it, but there are ways in which men can also benefit from cheap car insurance for women. If you share a car with a female relative or partner, it’s well worth comparing the cost of being added as a named driver to the cost of taking out your own insurance policy. Men can also help to bring their costs down by adding a female as an additional driver to their own policy. There are no hard and fast rules, so it pays to do your research and compare options.

Whether you’re a woman, or a man who shares a vehicle with a women, car insurance for women is well worth looking into if you want the very best prices. Just remember, you’ll still have to do research and comparison as with any other kind of car insurance!

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